What Type of Camera You Need For Vlogging

Vlogging is a new concept and it is about blogging with the help of video clips and slots. It is still in its nascent stage and though it is not occupying a big space in the blogging world, it has reasons to grow quite impressively over the next few years. However, one has to understand some basics of vlogging and choosing the right camera is important. There are a number of cameras that are used for capturing images and small clips. Therefore choosing the right one could be a difficult task to say the least. It calls for having the right knowledge and information and we will have a look at some tips which could help in choosing the right cameras.


A Few Things You Must Avoid

To begin with there are a few things to avoid when you are planning to choose a camera for vlogging. It would not be necessary to spend too much time on cameras with zoom, flash and megapixels. Zoom and flash might be useful features when shooting indoors or outdoors but when it comes to recording it may not be the right thing to look out for. In the same way the number of megapixels again does not have much of significance as far as recording is concerned. In fact use of flash is considered to be a sin for vlogging. It would be okay to look for a camera with a zoom of around 50 mm and anything beyond this is not recommended. Megapixels are relevant only for photography and it could be useful only if you need to print big pictures. In case of making a vlog, no printing of pictures would be required and therefore this attribute can be given a go by.


Things You Must Look For

There are however some important things which you must look for when choosing a camera for your vlogging purposes. Firstly A flip screen is very important if you’re taking it up full time, if you’re unsure of which model to get, then check out this guide to the 5 best flip vlog screen cameras. Low light performance is perhaps the most important aspect which you must take into account when going in for vlogging camera. Low light performance is important because you could be using it when the light conditions are not the best. A camera which does not have the best of low light performance could lead to images getting blurred or being negatively impacted by “noise” to say the least.

The next important point is the aperture of the lens. You must always look for a camera with a wide aperture lens. This will be helpful in capturing more light and will be useful in low light situations. You will be able to get a much aesthetic even if the background is blurred.

Additionally it would be better to be aware of the noise it shows at a higher ISO. This is something which you may not be able to see as far as camera specifications are concerned. This is the kind of noise which the image will reflect depending on the ISO. You will be able to get a better hang of it by testing the camera at higher ISO.



In fine, choosing a vlogging camera is quite different from choosing conventional camera and there are quite a few obvious things which must be kept in mind, especially having  microphone and a flip screen.