Watch Movies on Demand with Movie Streaming Apps

Numerous movie apps have come up these days that allow you free streaming of movies on your fingertips. All you need is to install these apps in your smartphones or iOS devices and get started with an amazing movie experience at home. Most of these apps allows you to download and play movies but they also allows you to watch TV shows, trailers and teasers and keep you updated on latest gossips from the tinsel world.

A couple of movie apps like Cinema box, Viewstar, Megabox HD, Snagfilms, ShowBox app, Cracle, Viestar, etc. MovieBox app is however compatible with iOS devices only while ShowBox app runs on Android platforms alone. Megabox HD app has also gained colossal popularity owing to its many interesting features. Here are key highlights of these popular apps.

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Viewstar Movie app

Viewstar free movie app can be installed in a number of devices including Androids and iPhones. It is easy to look for movies using this app with its various search options. The other key features are mentioned below.

  1. The app works absolutely fine on iPhones and all Android devices and is easily downloadable.
  2. It has a language filter facility that allows you to sort flicks and TV shows according to your language preference.
  3. The app has biographies of popular celebrities and lets you read celebrity news and gossips keeping you entertained beyond action and drama from TV shows and movies.

MovieBox App

Movie Box streaming app is widely popular and it works a lot like popcorn time that enables the users to watch numerous movies and TV shows.

  1. The app has a stack of flicks and videos to choose from and you can start streaming them right away and get movies on demand.
  2. The on demand functionality of this app helps you to grab the latest movies and watch them for absolutely free. You can also scroll through the other bunch of flicks in the app and watch movies from old classic times as well as the latest masala ones.
  3. The app works on both Android and iOS devices and is built on a simple interface. It can also be installed on PCs.


Snagfilms is yet another highly demanded movie app that is being used by a major chunk of the crowd. The app does not only allow you to watch movies and videos but it also facilitates sharing of flicks over social media.

  1. Snagfilms movie apps works on all iOS platforms and devices and is easily downloadable.
  2. It displays a huge collection of movies and you can also scroll through the categories to watch the movies of your choice.

The Megabox app

The app has grown in popularity owing to its feature of allowing movies to be showcased in high definition mode making it a fabulous picture.

  1. This app has a huge stack of flicks in its collection and you can choose the flicks of your choice from any category like actions, drama, tragedy, comedy, etc.
  2. It has movies from very olden times as well. You can create your own playlist and save movies for future and watch them later in offline mode.